Simple to Learn

simplifyMD Cloud Hosted EHR and Practice Management software is simple to LEARN

Learning made simple gives your staff the understanding and confidence needed to move forward quickly


Your simple to LEARN EHR and Practice Management software

  • Your charts. Your forms. Your workflow. -- Accelerated adoption
  • You can still use paper if preferred - Transition at own pace
  • Less than 2 hours of training required - No disruption to staff productivity
  • Personalized flexible remote training administered by dedicated simplifyMD EHR Specialists results in Happy, Confident and Proficient users

Your charts, Your forms, Your workflow:

Take your current "paper environment" and apply it for use in simplifyMD.
  • A Simple transition from paper to computer
  • No need to change what is currently working
  • Chart tabs can be the same color and in the same order
  • Patient’s Chart looks the same and maintained the same
  • Type with keyboard, write with stylus, use pen and paper or dictate

Your charts:

  • Complete chart with colors, labels and sequence of tabs are the same

Your forms:

  • Protect your investment, use your current forms
  • Easy to enhance current forms

Your workflow:

  • Encounter is patient focused versus EMR focused
  • Maintaining the sequential order of the patient visit maintains your productivity


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